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Launch of the All New Xenia

Along with the launch of All New Avanza, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) also officially launch the best product and mainstay Daihatsu Indonesia, the All New Xenia.

Launch of the All New Xenia is targeted to consumers who want a family car, with comforts such as Toyota Avanza, fuel efficient, the price is cheaper than the price of a new Toyota Avanza.

All New Xenia latest, has several changes from the previous Daihatsu Xenia. If at first glance almost like the product output of the latest Toyota All New Avanza.

The exterior appearance of the vehicle, significant changes to the previous Xenia and you will be able to see in different corners of the vehicle. Look bigger and from the body has been considered in terms of aerodynamics.

Do not miss the interior All New Xenia is also changing. There are changes on the dashboard of a car, which has two kinds of different colors. This makes the cabin look more impressed Xenia luxury cars. Of course, to maintain passenger comfort in the rear, AC double blower has been fitted to this car.

In terms of security, there is also an increase that is on the third row of seating, there have seat belts. All New Xenia latest type has 4 types of variants, variants D and M variant has a 1000 cc engine and a variant that has a 1,300 cc engine is a variant of X and R.

If you want a vehicle automatic All New Xenia also provides specifically for the R variant has a 1300 cc engine.